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Can EQQ help improve part of your Access – SQL Server life?

You may have challenges developing and delivering what your user community wants and needs. One of the challenges may be a stream of please: “I know the database has all this good data in it. I urgently need a list of ... by … for last quarter; and can you give it to me in Excel – by Thursday?”

Do any of these reactions feel familiar to you or members of your staff?

  • It’s yet another interruption to our key project.
  • It’s always an emergency – to the requestor.
  • As soon as we deliver it, they’ll ask for another variant that’s almost the same.
  • I hate for us to mess with Access, VBA code, and pass-thru queries for things like this.
  • They tell us how important it is, but they wonder why it takes a lot of time.
  • They tell us it’s really important, but want to treat us like a low-level clerk.
  • They’ve asked us to give users a way to write queries to get data out of the database themselves. A ghastly idea!

Ewarenow Quick Query (EQQ®) actually does provide a safe, trustworthy way to let user get data out of the database themselves.

With tight security, you control who can do what. And in no case will EQQ let a user insert, update, or delete data in the application database. SELECT only.

You can create a set of foundation views that simplify and flatten the data. This can be a critical success factor in making EQQ meet your needs in the organization.

You can create some important and powerful queries based on the foundation views. They will contain sets of required and optional parameters. A few key users (typically Excel power users) will also be able to create queries based on your views.

Many authorized users will be able to use the queries created by you and the power users.

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Ewarenow LLC is an IT consulting  and software development company. Its clients mainly are small-medium enterprises (SMEs), with some clients that are Non-Profit organizations or state/local government agencies.