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Quick Query Benefits

Ewarenow Quick Query is a web application that obtains live data from your main business application’s database.

Each user must be registered and authenticated to use Ewarenow Quick Query. Some will be authorized only to use existing queries. Others can be authorized to create, test, and activate new queries.

By design, Ewarenow Quick Query stores its queries, tables, views, and stored procedures in its own database. And it only operates on your business data with SELECT statements – reading the data, but never updating, deleting, or adding data.

It has a high level of security built in so that the privacy and integrity of your data are well-protected. You can enforce secure data transmission (https) to encrypt the data being transferred between the server and users’ workstations, tablets, or smartphones.

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Ewarenow LLC is an IT consulting  and software development company. Its clients mainly are small-medium enterprises (SMEs), with some clients that are Non-Profit organizations or state/local government agencies.